Our INTERN South Bend Region program, sponsored by the University of Notre Dame, increases the quantity and quality of experiential learning in the South Bend Region. We help to connect businesses with the next generation of talent through internships.

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Why Hire an Intern?

  • Complete projects on the “to-do” list
  • Fresh, innovative perspectives
  • Mentor and recruit potential employees
  • Develop future community leaders
  • Increase diversity
  • Provide a relevant student learning experience
  • Create a management opportunity for current employees
  • Manage social media and connect with target audiences
  • Reduce recruiting costs by creating your own talent pipeline

Summer Connect

Summer Connect provides opportunities for summer interns to network with other interns, build knowledge and explore fun things happening in the South Bend Region! Interns experience social activities like attending a South Bend Cubs game and rafting down the East Race, along with professional learning sessions to help their growth and community knowledge. More

Summer Connect Summer Connect


Contact Executive Director of Education & Workforce Kate Lee at 574.400.4030